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Jenny Darlow

Senior Sales & Events Planner

Where you live: Clapham Common, South London- a great mixture of open green area and interesting restaurants. My new favourite is Baba-Boom which has opened on Battersea Rise, it does THE BEST lamb shoulder kebab.

Who you live with: Four other girls, all met through and from all different areas of the UK.

How long you have been at BMA House: Just over 4 years

I get up at: 5.55am, the lycra goes on and I sleeply grab the tube to the gym (sometimes I run the 8k if I’m feeling energetic). I then sweat a lot for about 40mins either in a HIT class or gym and then get ready for work. Once I am in work I normally head to the staff canteen and get poached eggs- best part of the morning! Sometimes I am setting my alarm for 5.55am to go straight into work if I have a large event on as I will be meeting and greeting my client, checking the rooms and liaising with the service teams in time for the event guests arrival.

I’m responsible for: Answering the day to day questions my team may have about their events, being an old timer means I have come across lots of different event planning scenarios so can offer up advice on what to do based on my experience. I spend a lot of time talking to my clients on the phone, booking in dates, planning their next events. I am working on our Summer Party package for 2017 at the moment, I like to have a creative project to do on the side!

I got the job: As an Event-Co-ordinator straight from University and then worked my way up within the team.

My typical day: Is spent answering new enquiries and aiming to win them!

My most memorable work moment: There have been so many! I think seeing my first large scale Christmas Party in our beautiful Great Hall all dressed with theming I had suggested and sourced for my client. Then once the event was in full swing, seeing my client be the first to take to the dance floor after telling me how incredible the food and service was- she booked again in 2016!

The worst part of my job: Making sure there is time to make sure each client gets the same bespoke, specialised treatment in the busier months.

The best part of my job: The team (events & event service teams) and seeing an large event come together on the day.

My desk: Is organised, I have motivational quotes I change weekly and my best holiday snaps.

My top tip for planning any event: Listen and analyse your client’s response carefully and always communicate with empathy. I find the site visit is the clincher- if you nail this by really showing the client you know what they need from you for their event to run successfully and they show trust in you they are likely to book. Also on the event day, be empathetic to your client’s stress levels and pressure they are on to run and organise the whole event their end. Often enough they have bosses or people of importance attending the event who they want to impress so I always take a supportive role and even taken the wrap for my client’s mistakes on several occasions.

Best meal ever eaten: At Beauty and Essex, Lower East Side, New York- we had a mixture of the ‘to share’ dishes and two mains all bought out tapas style- every mouthful was a taste sensation. The décor was modern prohibition and the atmosphere was lively and glamorous- one of my best Friday nights to date.

After work: I am a big fan of the Nudge and Design My Night as I am always on the lookout for new places to see and eat at in London. You’ll find me meeting up with friends in a pop up or new opening. Early night days I’ll be running home along the Thames and then chilling with my housemates. I head to bed about 11pm.

Bloomsbury top tip: Granary Square near Kings Cross has a great selection of bars for after work drinks: The Lighterman (good for the Summer as has an outdoor area overlooking the canal), Drake & Morgan (good for the colder months as the interior is lovely and the service is exceptional) and then for food one of my all-time favourites is Dishroom (it’s worth the queuing time!).

Written by Jenny Darlow

Contact us on 020 7874 7020 or email

BMA House, Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9JP

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