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Kat w

Kat Winfield

Venue Sales Manager

Where you live: East Finchley

Who you live with: My housemate also called Kat!

How long you have been at BMA House: 2 and a half years

When my alarm goes off: I have quite a strict routine I try to get to work 10 minutes earlier so I can grab a cup of tea before I start. I am a massive fan of Betty’s tea – if you haven’t had one order some!! Sometimes I will do a spin class in the morning as it really wakes me up.

At BMA House: I am the Venue Sales Manager which means I oversee the Event Planners and Business Development Executive. I go to different networking events with similar venues to us to ensure we are all sharing best practices, we are a member of both industry bodies HBAA & MIA so I attend all these events on behalf of BMA House. I also plan and manage our events targets and ensure we are running the best events venues possible.

I got the job: After studying Entertainment Marketing at university in Northampton, within this we did events and I loved it, I loved the end result of what you achieved and I still do love that feeling when you see a happy customer leave the venue. Before coming here, I worked at De Vere Venues in the central team both for De Vere and then also as an event agent, I was at De Vere for 7 years.

My typical day: I come in and check my emails first, then I do checks on all the team members work loads and ensure everyone has everything they need to have a successful day. I will check what events we have coming in and ensure we meeting any deadlines and targets. I will often have a show round and plan my next upcoming event. I meet with my team regularly on a one to one basis. We will be looking at the next show we are attending and checking what the latest technologies are that we may need to invest in.

My most memorable work moment: Too many! I genuinely love every event I run and you do often get quite into running them and you work very closely with clients that you end up knowing so much about their event and company. I had a client that wanted a different end of year celebration instead of a Christmas Party we did food stations in the Great Hall which was so different to the normal end of year parties we see. I also recently ran a really lovely 50th Birthday party, the client was an absolute pleasure to manage and the venue looked beautiful with just some small little touches such as flowers and lanterns, its so lovely to see your client having such a great time.

The worst part of my job: Getting used to different working hours, we love to make sure we are with our clients throughout from arrival to end so some days I will have a 7am start then other days a 1pm start, you learn to use your hours wisely though and I actually now quite like the different shift times especially when I can do a mid morning gym session as its so empty!

The best part of my job: My team and the clients, we do really want to give the best customer service to our clients and my team are absolutely dedicated to this and believe in every event they run, they really do go the extra mile and are so flexible with shifts and looking out for each other as well.

What your desk looks like: Haha, its safe to say I win the most messy desk! I have event magazines on one side and lots of team notes, however I once read that the messiest people are often the most organised! I know where everything is.

Top tip: Make your event different but talk to your event planner, they can tell you what has worked well before and what hasn’t. I have seen some brilliant pieces of tech this year from dedicated event apps where you can do live Q&As to live story boards where an artist creates a piece of artwork that reflects discussions at your event (

Best meal ever eaten: In Barbados I had the most delicious meal but the dessert was hot banana in a rum and caramel sauce. It was so so lovely!! I think I talked about it for the whole holiday. I also can recommend Hull as a great place to visit for food – 1884 Dockstreet has amazing food.

After work: I love to go ice skating, I take adult lessons every Wednesday and I am about to start the bronze level, I enjoy a good spin class in the gym. I write reviews on timeout as a Timeout tastemaker which I really enjoy – I love the theatre and gigs plus a massive Glastonbury fan.

Bloomsbury top tip: In Bloomsbury I love Brunswick Centre – its perfect for a little lunch time walk around and great to find a spot for lunch or dinner.

Written by Kat Winfield

Contact us on 020 7874 7020 or email

BMA House, Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9JP

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