Meet the team: Nicola

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Nicola Winfield_7

Nicola Winfield

Venue Sales & Events Planner


Where you live: Hatfield

Who you live with: My family

How long you have been at BMA House: Coming up to 2 weeks

I get up at: 6:45am, shower and get ready with a pit stop for breakfast in between. I normally download something to watch on Netflix for my commute which I usually get really in to.

I’m responsible for: Event sales and planning. My role includes organising events from the enquiry right through until the running of the event. As I have only just joined I am currently shadowing other planners with their clients but so far I am loving it!

I got the job: Shortly after completing my degree in Event Management at Coventry University. I wanted to get straight in to the event industry having had the opportunity to complete my placement year at Awesome Events for 9 months as an Event Coordinator, and then a further 7 months at the Royal Society of Medicine as an Office Coordinator within the events office.

My typical day: Since I am still new to the job, I am currently being trained in various areas, shadowing other people and gaining a better understanding of their role.

My most memorable work moment: Was holding a Christmas Party for up to 120 people at The Hellenic Centre, I managed the event with another placement student, and we were responsible for the set up of the venue, managing hospitality staff, running the event and the set down. Although it was a long day, it was so rewarding to know that I had been a part of a successful event where you could see people having a good time and enjoying themselves.

The worst part of my job: None! I’m really enjoying my time here so far.

The best part of my job: Working in an office with great people who are always happy to help if I’m stuck or unsure, especially as I am still new to the team.

My desk: Quite tidy with usual stationary and different coloured post it notes that I absolutely love using for anything and everything.

My top tip for planning any event: Try to invite your client in to go through their event. It’s easier for both you and the client and ensures that you don’t miss anything, and write everything down!

Best meal ever eaten: In Thailand they have an all you can buffet with food from all around the world. My plates would mainly consist of stacks of salmon sashimi, with various other random elements that I can’t resist no matter how much they don’t go together.

After work: I normally go home and have dinner with my family, and get to bed for 10pm if I can (I enjoy sleep far too much) on weekdays. On a Friday I like to go and meet friends for drinks and/or dinner after work, and spend the weekend relaxing.

Bloomsbury top tip: There’s a small food market just outside of Kings Cross Station that do lots of sandwiches, macaroons, cheeses and more. They all look and smell delicious although I am yet to try them as I’m normally in a rush to get to the station, but always try and walk through it at least so I can have a look.

Written by Nicola Winfield

Contact us on 020 7874 7020 or email

BMA House, Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9JP

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