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Venue Sales & Events Planner


Where you live: Clapham – right next to the Common. We jokingly call the Common our ‘back garden’; it’s so lovely to have such a huge, green space so close to home to soak up the Summer sun.

Who you live with: I live with my boyfriend, Oli, and two of our friends. Oli and I have been together since school and endured years apart during our time at different universities. We are really enjoying being together every day now – and we haven’t killed each other (yet!!).

How long you have been at BMA House: I have only just started at BMA House, so still learning all about the many different event spaces. Loving every second so far, though!

I get up at: Already my day’s timings vary depending on what the working day holds and the timings of the day’s events. However, standard ‘wake up’ time is around 7am and I leave the house around 8am. Never enough time for breakfast!

I’m responsible for: Event sales and planning including taking on events from enquiry stage and working with the client right through to delivery on the day.

I got the job: After taking a bit of ‘me time’ away from work. I completed an Events Management degree at The University of Gloucestershire and moved to London in 2017 to begin my career in the Events Industry. I had already completed a 12-month placement year as part of my degree at an Events Agency, then after university I worked for a London events venue. After 6 months I decided to take some time off, I went to Thailand and made my dream of volunteering with elephants a reality (it was beyond wonderful!!) and then I was fortunate enough to be offered the Venue Sales and Events Planner role here at BMA House.

My typical day: Is there ever a typical day in the world of Events!? It’s so varied, and that’s why I love it.

My most memorable work moment: I worked as part of the Events Management Team at The Cheltenham Literature Festival and part of my role was artist liaison. I got to manage the likes of Joe Wicks, Deliciously Ella, Nadiya Hussain, Alan Titchmarsh, Marcus Wearing and more!

The worst part of my job: There are never enough hours in the day and like any events job, being able to juggle a heavy work load is essential! It can get a bit stressful at times, however it’s so rewarding working on the floor and seeing the events come to life!

The best part of my job: Is helping clients make their vision a reality and seeing their happy faces when it does.

My desk: I try to keep my desk as clean and tidy as possible – mess makes me stressed!! My favourite part is my (healthy) snack drawer… it’s always full!

My top tip for planning any event: Always keep in close contact with your Events Planner and listen to their advice – they know what works best from their experience and their knowledge and only want what’s best for you to make your event as exceptional as it can possibly be!

After work: I love exploring London and all its hidden gems, I try to go to the gym as often as I can and I play in a Tag Rugby League with my friends which is fun. On sunny evenings it’s nice to go and spend some time on the Common and I love going out for dinner with friends.

Best meal ever eaten: I recently went to Thailand and the street food there is incredible. Everything is fresh and made in front of you and it all tastes so delicious. My favourite meal was Pad Thai followed by Mango Sticky Rice with a fresh fruit smoothie on the side. Too tasty for words!!

Bloomsbury top tip: I haven’t been here long so I am still getting to know the area, but I really enjoy sitting in Tavistock Square, reading, having a coffee or just watching the world go by. It’s so peaceful and green you forget about the busy world outside!

Written by Vic Lewis

Contact us on 020 7874 7020 or email

BMA House, Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9JP

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