Meet the team: Hannah

Getting to know us…


Hannah Robinson

Venue Sales & Events Planner


Where you live: I live in Earlsfield at the moment but should hopefully be moving to Balham soon.

Who you live with: I live with 3 girls including one of my best friends from uni. It is a very typical girly house with a lot of wine, Netflix and snacks!

How long you have been at BMA House: This is my fourth week, so I am now starting to get to know this amazing and massive building.

I get up at: It varies but around 7am/7.30am. I try to get up and do 20 minutes of yoga in the morning but sometimes it is so much easier to stay in bed for half an hour! I have breakfast, watch tv, get ready and I am not a loud to look at my phone until 8am.

I’m responsible for: Venue sales and event planning. I am still getting to know everything about the role, ultimately, I am responsible for taking a client from the point of enquiry all the way through to their event on the day and making sure that I follow up and keep the relationship with the client after the event.

I got the job: I finished my Events degree in Bournemouth and came to London to work for The Law Society where I stayed for 3 years. I was lucky enough to go travelling after this for 4 months and I went to Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Bali. I came back and worked for a caterer and then for a Law Firm organising their events. I decided that I really missed working for an amazing venue, so here I am!

My typical day: My typical day at the moment varies depending on who I am meeting with. I usually tend to come in and check my emails and my schedule for the day. I like to spend some time making sure I am up to speed with everything and getting to know the spaces.

My most memorable work moment: Last year I helped with an Event at The Shard for Jo Malone. It was the most amazing day and the sun was shining through the whole event space. They held a dinner for fashion bookers and the flowers were beautiful, every guest got Jo Malone perfume. I was hoping we would get some but sadly that wasn’t the case!

The worst part of my job: Events can be very unpredictable, and you always must expect the unexpected. It means that sometimes things can happen on the day such as lots of extra people turning up and you need to work quickly to make sure that everyone is happy. It certainly brings variety.

The best part of my job: The variety and working with great clients. Every day in events is completely different and I like that because it keeps you on your toes. I love working with clients each step of the way to deliver great events and grow relationships.

My desk: I try to keep it as tidy as possible and I love a post it note!

My top tip for planning any event: To never assume anything. Always make sure that all clients and all teams delivering an event fully understand everything.

After work: I run with a running club once a week and have also just signed up to Do Good Run where you run to help the community. I love to explore London and find a cool new restaurant or bar to go after work or on the weekends. My housemates and I have decided to dedicate one night a week to do a quirky activity in London. This week we are going to play social volleyball.

Best meal ever eaten: I have a nut allergy and I once ate in this amazing restaurant called Caelis in Barcelona, they cooked my food in a separate kitchen to ensure I was ok! The food was incredible, and we had our own edible desert table. I also love Bone Daddies – they do the most amazing pork belly poke bowl!

Bloomsbury top tip: I haven’t had a chance to explore Bloomsbury yet, but I have always wanted to go to Barry’s Bootcamp and I have noticed one just around the corner so I look forward to giving that a go.

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