Meet the Team: Sasha

Getting to know us…

Sasha photo

Sasha Dearden

Senior Venue Sales & Events Planner


Where you live: In Rainham Essex

Who you live with: With my boyfriend Dan, his parents and our Bearded Dragon, Spike! We are saving up for a place of our own and will hopefully be in the position to buy later this year.

How long you have been at BMA House: I joined in January 2018 as Sales & Events Planner and recently received a promotion to Senior Venue Sales & Events Planner!

I get up at: If I am in the office for 9am I get up at 6:40am, have breakfast (I’m always hungry as soon as I wake up!) and leave the house at 7:20. I am often in work earlier if a client is arriving early so I sometimes have to be up as early as 5:00 for a 7:00 start

I’m responsible forManaging the venue side of the event process; this begins with the initial contact when clients approach me with an enquiry, I then oversee the planning of the event and ensure our in house teams are up-to date with the finer details. On the day of the event I will be here to meet clients and ensure everything is running smoothly and to plan!

I got the jobAfter travelling for 20 months I realised that I did not want to go back into the Experiential Marketing industry. I liked the idea of working in events and after the experience of managing a Boutique lodge in Australia whilst travelling, I fell in love with the idea of working in a venue that I could grow to know inside and out. I was so grateful to have the opportunity at BMA House, it really has helped me get my career on track!

My typical dayOnce I get into work (this can be anytime from 6:30-14:00 depending on what event I am working) I have a decaf coffee and catch up on emails. If I have an event on that day I check the rooms and put out signage before meeting the client and showing them to the room. Throughout the day I work on new enquiries, plan any upcoming events, meet potential clients for site visits and pop into my clients events every now and again to check everything is running smoothly. For lunch I grab something from the staff restaurant and get some fresh air outside.

My most memorable work momentManaging a boutique lodge in the Australian Rainforest with my boyfriend; we did everything from marketing and business planning to the daily tasks such as serving a delicious breakfast on the veranda and cleaning the rooms. The lodge was in a beautiful location overlooking the river and I got to meet and share stories with guests who had travelled from all over the world, we even had a lodge dog called Frankie!

The worst part of my jobSometimes the early mornings can be very tiring – but at least when we work early shifts we get an early finish which can end up being quite productive!

The best part of my jobApart from the great team we have here (obviously!) I love that I’m always on the move and not stuck behind a computer all day, I can easily reach my 10K step count target by going back and forth to see clients and by walking around our beautiful venue doing site visits!

My deskIs tidy most of the time! I have photos of my friends and family and a small Ganesha figure which my manager Kat and Jen bought us all back from their trip to India. Under my desk is a bit untidy, I have a collection of work shoes as I always commute in my trainers.

My top tip for planning any eventOrganisation, organisation and organisation…You can never be too organised!

After workI like cooking and experimenting with recipes so try to cook for the family as much as possible, on Thursdays or Fridays I meet up with friends in London for a few drinks and we like to visit new pop-ups whenever we can!

Best meal ever eatenThis is a hard one! I just love all food, whilst travelling I was lucky to try the most incredible food in South East Asia; eating Thai curry fresh from a road side stall with locals was delicious, BBQ pork pancakes with fresh herbs and chilli jam in Hoi An Vietnam was a very memorable meal but my mums Spag Bol is pretty amazing too…Sorry I just can’t choose!

Bloomsbury top tip: On a sunny day I take my lunch to eat in the Park behind BMA House, it is called Cartwright Gardens and is a lot quieter and off the main road compared to the Tavistock Square.

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