Meet the Team: Ellie

Getting to know us…

Ellie photo 2

Ellie Low

Venue Administrator


Where you liveI live in Letchworth Garden City, a small town about 40 minutes outside London by train. Our small claim to fame is having the first UK roundabout built in 1909.

Who you live with: I live with my family.

How long you have been at BMA House: I have been at BMA House for just over a year but it’s gone really quickly!

I get up at: I wake up at 7am. I plan my outfit the night before so I can allow myself a quick 5 minute snooze in bed. I also grab breakfast at work to allow for a longer lie-in.  I usually take a book for my commute, I normally go for a crime or thriller novel so the journey always goes quickly!

I’m responsible forI book and manage the events for all the staff in the organisation. I also undertake various reports to ensure the smooth running of the building, a few examples of the reports I do are:  on the maintenance of the building, on the ratio of members and external visitors we have coming to BMA House, and on event feedback for the venue.

I got the jobAfter doing placements during and after university, I helped organise events for the local community and abroad golf tournament events at my two respective roles. I have always loved organising and marketing events, and this job has given me a great insight into venue based events. I undertook a psychology degree which helps with the research and analytical reports aspect of my role.

My typical dayMy typical day involves answering emails, phones and booking requests; working with internal staff to ensure everything is organised ready for their event. I also have to liaise with the building’s service teams on behalf of the internal staff for any of their needs on their event days. I juggle the above with my weekly and monthly reports.

My most memorable work momentSeeing my design for our 1920s themed Christmas package come to life. I had great fun sourcing images and a perfect colour scheme for the package brochure to convey the decadence and high spirits of the 20s. In addition, I researched our added extras: flapper dancers, magicians and vintage themed photo booths, to find the ideal suppliers to help the 1920s theme come to life.

The worst part of my jobAs I work with internal staff I do not always get the chance to see the end result of the event planning but hearing that the event went well from the organiser makes up for this.

The best part of my jobIs the variety of tasks I get to do and the great team I work with means there is never a dull moment!

My deskI try and keep my desks organised but due to my love of colourful to do lists and post it note reminders it sometimes does descend into organised chaos.

My top tip for planning any eventI love a to-do list to help you see what you have left to do and helps keep you motivated seeing what you have already done. It also means you should hopefully never forget anything ensuring for the best event possible.

After workAfter work I like to relax with my family at home, we usually watch the Chase over dinner and try to join in with the answers. I also sometimes enjoy going out with friends for drinks or a pub quiz although I do try to get to bed for 10:30.

Best meal ever eatenWas at a little ramen restaurant near Carnaby street called Shoryu. It was delicious and inspired my love of Asian cooking and so now I can make a ramen at home that is almost as tasty. They also serve a beer with a whipped frozen top that goes great with the spicy ramen broth.

Bloomsbury top tip: My favourite place to go are the local food markets for lunch, can always find an amazing variety of delicious hot food. There are also some lovely parks in the area to eat lunch in, my favourite being a small park located behind the Brunswick centre, especially on a sunny day!

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