“I ain’t afraid of no Ghosts….”

It is that time of year again when the ghosts haunt the halls of BMA House, pale figures appear on the staircases, nuns float around the Great Hall and women in white glide through the basement corridors. There have even been reports of staff hearing the chants and excitement of guests enjoying a sporting event… yet nobody else was there!

We have been getting in the spooky spirit with fang-tastic food, Halloween inspired trade shows and our creepy conversion competition. Heres a quick look at some of the spook-takular things that we have been up to!

Our Senior Event Planner Sasha and Venue Sales Coordinator Gabi exhibited at Event Lab for two days and filled the stand with colourful pumpkins, collapsible cups, and delicious Halloween recipes. They also got to show off our brand-new branding on the event.

We are keeping ourselves very busy with our creepy conversion competitions, trying to get our clients to secure their 2020 dates. We are already starting to get busy next year so we are working hard to ensure we have the best events for 2020, with some spooky prizes for confirming events.

To fight off the ghouls and ghosts we have tasked our amazing pastry chef Hilario with creating some special spooky snacks. Our lovely café has been filled with some delicious treats including haunted Halloween cookies, bloodcurdling buckwheat brownies, creepy cupcakes, and raging raspberry yoghurt loaf.

We asked Hilario what inspired such deadly delicious treats; ‘my inspiration came from seeing what others in the industry are doing and making use of social media. This can be a huge source of inspiration, as you can get some insight into what chefs all around the world are creating. It is a great source for ideas especially around this time of year.’

Hilario’s favourite terrifying treat is the spider, ‘it is such a simple yet effective idea and appeals to the child inside of all us!

Whilst we picked Hilario’s brains for Halloween we wanted to get an insight on what we can get excited for next. Hilario said he doesn’t want to give too much away but expect a yule log or two and Christmas bundt cake.

We cannot wait for the next occasion…

Happy Halloween all!

Written by Hannah Robinson

Contact us on 020 7874 7020 or email events@bma.org.uk

BMA House, Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9JP












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