Meet the team: Gabriela

Getting to know us…

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Venue Sales Coordinator 

Where you live: Rainham, Essex

Who you live with: My Boyfriend, My Brother and my cat Stormzy

How long you have been at BMA House: About 2 months

I get up at: 6:30am, I feed my cat and myself. After a prolonged breakfast, I usually end up in a rush to get ready and sprint to the station to catch my train at 7.52.

I’m responsible for: Event Sales and Business Development. My main responsibility is to bring in new business from various sources such as exhibitions, networking events and calls.

I got the job: I previously worked at the o2 and then CEME conference centre. I decided I wanted to get back into working in a London venue as it is more fast-paced and there is a wider variety of events.

My typical day: Since I am still fairly new to the job, I am currently being trained in various areas. I have started building my own site visit folder, doing follow ups and I have attended a few tradeshows.

My most memorable work moment: When working at the o2, Wheatus were performing a soundcheck in one of the smaller venues. The female singer was yet to arrive and there was little time to finish the soundcheck before doors open. I was the only one on hand so I jumped on stage and did my very best “Teenage Dirtbag” sing along.

The worst part of my job: I struggle to find my way around the building, I’m sure this will change in no time.

The best part of my job: Working in an office with a great team who are always on hand to answer any questions. I also enjoy getting out of the office networking and meeting other event professionals.

My desk: Not much on it, apart from a coffee and water. I weirdly like to wash down each sip of coffee with a sip of water.

My top tip for planning any event: Have your client come to the venue and go through their event this way! Perspective can be very different from just looking at photos, and you’ll be stunned how many times the organiser imagines the whole set up flipped the other way round!

Best meal ever eaten: I’m not sure if this is because I was very hungry or if it was actually that good, in Andorra, we spotted a cheese fondue restaurant so we skipped lunch and planned to go there for dinner. We then realised it didn’t open until 9pm, so we waited.. starving.. and we got there at 9pm on the dot, it then took them another two hours to melt the cheese!! In the end it was incredible, we had fresh bread, pickles and even ribs to dip in the melted cheese fondue. This was followed by a dessert of chocolate fondue and fruit and sweet bread to dip.

After work: I usually get home, cook dinner, and attempt to do as many chores as possible. I hoover almost every single day (crazily clean mother made me this way!)

Bloomsbury top tip:  The charity shops in the area have the best gems!

Written by Gabriela Anisko

Contact us on 020 7874 7020 or email

BMA House, Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9JP

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