Meet the team: Mike

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Venue Sales Manager 

Where you live: I live in Hornsey, North London. Easy commute to BMA!

Who you live with: I live alone in a studio flat. Nice and cosy!

How long you have been at BMA House: I have been working at BMA House for the last 4 months and it’s been amazing! A lovely team and lovely colleagues help you to enjoy your work.

I get up at: On a usual day, I get up at 06:30 to go to the gym a couple of days a week. At the weekend, I get up later so I can get my chores done before I get on with my day.

I’m responsible for: Managing a team of 6 and I look after a large sales target which we all work towards throughout the year. I also make important decisions for the sake of BMA, to make a profit via external events from conferences, to summer parties, to weddings.

I got the job: I’ve worked at organisations including the British Academy and the Royal Academy of Engineering, managing a team and working towards a sales target that goes back into the business.

My typical day: I genuinely believe no day is the same! Usually, the day starts with a team meeting, so we all know what each other has planned per day. A typical day can also include; finding a report with sales figures, dealing with client requests and speaking to clients who are interested in hosting events at BMA House.

My most memorable work moment: I’ve worked with many charities helping to organise their pre and post London Marathon events. This has always been amazing because they are full of energy and celebration.

The worst part of my job:  I never ever enough time in a day!

The best part of my job: I personally enjoy showing clients around the building and giving them something different, for example the history and purpose of the building and BMA. It feels a lot more like a tour instead of a sales pitch! I also enjoy working with a team, helping them develop and sharing my knowledge.

My desk: Leads everywhere! Pretty standard.

My top tip for planning any event: Keep communication open. No question is a silly question. Listen to your Planner as they have the knowledge and experience of the building.

After work: You can usually find me somewhere in London trying cocktails, having dinner or catching up with friends. I’m also part of a ten-pin bowling league which I attend every week, without fail!

Best meal ever eaten: I’m really picky when it comes to food so give me a good roast dinner, with all the trimmings.

Bloomsbury top tip: It wouldn’t be right for me to not say, Bloomsbury Lanes! I’m also starting to enjoy learning Spanish, so Spanish House nearby is really reasonably priced, with classes once a week for small groups.

Written by Mike McGowan

Contact us on 020 7874 7020 or email

BMA House, Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9JP

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