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Venue Sales Coordinator 

Where you live: East Croydon, London

Who you live with: I live with my flatmate Ellie. Although I do get the flat to myself often when Ellie works away for her job in hair and makeup on TV and movie sets!

How long you have been at BMA House: About 4 weeks

I get up at: My morning routine has been slightly disrupted during the lockdown period! I usually wake up at 8am shower and wash my face. Then I get dressed for the day and quickly eat a bowl of cereal before I’m sat down for work by 9am. When BMA House reopens I will be starting my day at 6:30am to get ready to leave the house by 7:30am to catch the train to work.

I’m responsible for: My main responsibility will be to assist the team with processing and acquiring new bookings for the venue. I am still shadowing members of the team and learning the different processes but also how my role fits into the team.

I got the job: I completed a degree in Events Management from Cardiff Metropolitan University and have since been working in the events industry for a number of years including working for the Football Association of Wales and more recently working on campaigning events for The Labour Party. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work for the BMA and learn more about the organisation and its history. I also look forward to working with the events team and learning about venue sales.

My typical day: My typical day has been starting with a team call over skype to set targets and goals for the day. As I am still new to the job I am therefore learning and training so I am spending part of my day completing training courses and teaching calls with the team. I’m also starting to build up folders of work, studying the venue via a virtual tour and helping with information, and uploading new enquiries.

My most memorable work moment: My first graduate job was in the planning team for the 2017 UEFA Champions League Final. It was a year and a half of match planning work, I was lucky enough to spend some of that time working in Switzerland with UEFA in their offices. The best part was match day itself and although we were rushed off our feet, I did have a moment to take in the view of 70,000 spectators in the stadium and 200,000 fans enjoying Cardiff.

The worst part of my job: It’s been a challenge working from home and starting this position during the lockdown, it’s meant a lot of remote learning and not much opportunity to explore the venue. Hopefully, we will be returning to the office soon so I can start familiarising myself with the routines and rooms.

The best part of my job: I’ve only been in this job for a short time and I haven’t actually made it into the venue yet! However, the best part of the job so far has been the team and how welcoming they have all been.

My desk: Currently my desk is the dining room table at my parents’ house so it has my laptop and monitor with a fruit bowl next to them! I am a very neat person, so I try not to have a messy or cluttered desk.

My top tip for planning any event: I believe organisation and scheduling are key. Being organised during the planning process is essential. I love making lists and it’s the easiest way to track progress and tasks. Effectively planning your time and scheduling will help eliminate any missed stages and jobs. Finally, utilise venue staff and planners, they will have the best recommendations.

Best meal ever eaten: There are a couple of pubs in Cardiff that friends and I used to eat out at regularly on Friday evenings. We would go to a place called Brewhouse and share some loaded nachos or to a bar called Tiny Rebel with amazing katsu curry fries!

After work: Most weekday evenings I head home to cook dinner with my housemate and watch some TV and catch up on our day. On a Monday evening, I head to a Zumba class and on Wednesdays, I sing in a community choir in Croydon where we have rehearsals with tea & biscuits!

Bloomsbury top tip: I haven’t been able to explore the area yet, but really looking forward to being able to!

Written by Kate Warde

Contact us on 020 7874 7020 or email

BMA House, Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9JP

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