How to add value to your event

We all love a bargain! And why not? Any opportunity to be able to save those precious pounds for ourselves or our organisations can go a long way. In the spirit of “bargain hunting”, I wanted to share some tips with our event planners, party planners or couples planning to enquire about our event spaces at BMA House.

Choosing a package per person over room hire and catering separately


For any event planner, this can be very much a “catch 22” situation where you have a set budget, but you want to get the most value possible. It’s understandable, who wants to buy a pair of shoes from a shop if you can get them for less online?

Choosing a package can make a real difference in cost because you’re paying per person which will include everything you may need. If you decide to go for a room hire cost, this is then followed by costs for tea, coffee, water, lunch, cakes, AV, etc. and it really starts to add up and can become confusing. I’ve worked at several venues around London and the day delegate package is meant to offer value for money. For example, with our hot fork buffet day delegate package at BMA House, you have included a hydration station and juice which is already saving you at least £5 per head.

Slide 12 - Hydration Station

Checking with your event planner what AV is included


It sounds so simple but it’s worth asking the question. As they say, “you don’t ask, you don’t get!” and all venues are different in how or why they charge for certain aspects of AV.

For some venues it might just be the standard projector and screen included, which might be all you need. Other venues, where AV is more prominent or venues which have larger capacities that require more extensive AV, you will more than likely get more included (subject to ownership by the venue). This very much relates back to my previous point of choosing a package over room hire plus catering, as this might all be included in your package cost. If so, this is fantastic and doesn’t cause more confusion with lots of additional costs.

At BMA House, we try to include as much AV as possible with room hire or a package per person cost, and we reflect this in the hire cost of the space and this in turn makes a planner’s experience much easier. Our largest space, the Great Hall, has extensive AV included (such as lighting, sound, screen and projector, microphones, comfort monitors, etc.) in the hire or per person cost and includes a dedicated technician meaning all costs really are covered and you can be sure you are in safe and knowledgeable hands!


If you need a separate catering, registration or exhibition space, can this be at a reduced cost to the normal rate?


At BMA House, we offer a second room with a discount as we understand the need for a separate space to give your delegates space and time to break from the main event. Choosing a package, many venues will try their best to include this in the per person price, which is great value for money and again, makes costings simple and everything clear for both parties.

London Event Venue - BMA House - Cabaret - Worcester (9)


Charity discounts


If you are a registered charity, some events venues (but surprisingly not all) will bear this in mind and offer a reduction on costs, but do ask your event planner who can advise you on any discount applied to the hire, catering or package cost.

At BMA House, we offer £5 per person off the package cost or 15% off the venue hire cost per room. As a not-for-profit organisation ourselves we know how important these savings can be!

Working with your event planner and being open and honest. What is your budget? Can your event planner tailor a package to suit your needs?


Our events planners work at BMA House because we’re all passionate about the events industry and we want to create the best event possible for our clients.

With this in mind, we do believe being open and honest from both sides helps to build a rapport and a good working relationship so we can meet your expectations.

We ask our clients their budget so we can either advise the most suitable option or we will happily try our best to tailor a package that meets your budget and makes it work for you.



Are your dates flexible?


If you have flexibility with your date, please do let your planner know as we have some dates which may be less in demand than others. These can often be Mondays or Fridays or in quieter months, so if you can be flexible with your event date then its likely the rates can be flexible, and you can get better value for your money!

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Written by Michael McGowan

Contact us on 020 7874 7020 or email

BMA House, Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9JP

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