BMA House launches virtual & hybrid event packages

14 weeks ago, we were all looking ahead to a bright year, we were on track to hit our new targets and had some fantastic new/repeat events in the pipeline. Fast forward 14 weeks and we are still in lockdown, eagerly awaiting guidance from the government about how we can open and what the future of events will look like for the industry, as well as us at BMA House.

Lockdown turned everything upside down for the events industry, we have gone from running around with clients hitting 10k steps by 10am, to completely changing the way we work. As Event Planners for a venue we have had to wave goodbye to face to face contact and get to grips with the world of virtual.

Despite the easing of restrictions on a more social level the restrictions in place, mean that it will take the events industry some time to get back on its feet. Lockdown has turned everyone into technical wizards, with clients being able to put their delegates into virtual breakout rooms and venues being able to show you around their spaces, thanks to 3D tours.

Technology has allowed business to go on when none of us were able to leave the house, but now we are slowly returning to a new normal people are ready for that much needed human interaction. With social distancing having an impact on the capacity of event spaces, a new world of hybrid events is looking extremely popular.

Hybrid events will still take place in a venue but will also use technology to reach out to a wider audience. According to Hire Space hybrid events bring the following benefits: enabling an international reach, allowing events to go more green, reducing travel and transportation, provides flexibility to your event, can be watched on demand or after the event has taken place, can be used with certain platforms to collect data & analytics and can save costs.  

Our Venue Manager, Kat says: “We recognise that events are changing.  Whether it is social distancing post-COVID or simply the fact that more people are meeting virtually, we as a venue need to provide options to suit.  As the home to the British Medical Association our policies and plans will be vetted and approved by the UK’s leading association for medical professionals in addition to meeting any government guidelines.  In the meantime, we have created a series of packages that maximise our extensive technical expertise.  They allow for purely digital events, speaker only broadcasts or hybrid events – with delegates onsite.  We appreciate there are still many unknowns, but we want to reassure clients, stakeholders and staff that everything we do is focused on the safety of all concerned.”

We know that a new world of planning and technology can be confusing, so hopefully our new packages will make this more simple for our clients.

One of our most popular packages that we are seeing our clients request, is our webcasting and live streaming package. The live streaming expands your event beyond the room and allows delegates who cannot attend in person to still interact with your brand and feel involved. The webcasting allows live streaming from the main from for up to 2000 hours, has a live Q&A facility, includes all equipment and a technician for just £1700+vat.

For clients wanting to host webinars and virtual meetings we have Skype for Business and GoToWebinar packages. These come with technical support and allow clients to host webinars, giving speakers full control over the delegates. Our Skype packages allow hosts to share their screens and reach out to up to 250 attendees. These packages start from £300+vat. We also have the facilities to video conference to other meeting attendees.

One of the great benefits of BMA House is the large number of spaces that we have, meaning that clients are able to hire main plenary spaces and multiple breakout rooms. However, if clients aren’t able to have as many delegates in the breakouts then we can schedule live sessions ,to give exhibitors or sponsors the chance to interact with online delegates via virtual pitches. Alternatively, we have all the kit at BMA House to film your breakouts whilst your delegates are in session. Again, both of these can be supported by our technicians and start from just £200+vat.

Finally, if you are looking for something more interactive or technical then we work in conjunction with a number of other suppliers including Glisser, Remo and Hopin, which enable more interaction and unique event spaces for virtual delegates.

If you are looking for a venue and are planning on working on a hybrid event then get in touch with us and we will be more then happy to advise. 

Here is to the future of hybrid events!

Written by Hannah Robinson

Contact us on 020 7874 7020 or email

BMA House, Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9JP

Reference from Hire Space taken from:

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