How to choose the perfect menu for your event?

Now the Events Industry is starting to get back to normal and there are so many amazing food options to choose from, how on earth do you pick your event menu?!

Whilst we still have some time to plan our future events, we thought we would put together some handy tips on how to choose the perfect menu for your event!

Think about dietary requirements for your guests – a lot of our menus cater to most dietary requirements however if you aren’t sure, its good to pick a range of options including vegetarian and vegan choices, so you can cater to most needs.

Try and choose a selection of dishes that complement each other – e.g. if you have chosen curry as part of your hot fork buffet lunch, then try a rice dish and some vegetables as the sides (as opposed to two potato dishes, for example). Consider flavours and elements of the dishes that will tie in nicely with one another.

Keep it varied – a nice selection of meat, fish and vegetarian options is always good to please your guests. They like to be excited and have variety! You may love chicken but choosing four chicken-based canapes won’t thrill your guests! A mixture of hot and cold elements are also a good way to keep your guests interested!

Ask your Event Planner for help! If you are not sure where to begin, or you really like the look of one particular dish but don’t know what other dishes or sides might work well, then ask your Planner for advice. We know the dishes that are popular and we know what dishes and flavours work nicely together

Consider upgrading your wine to something that will really compliment the dishes you have chosen. Our house wines are excellent, but there are lots of options on our wine list that will pair perfectly with the meal you have planned. Ask your Planner for advice – we have been trained by our Chefs and sommeliers so have excellent knowledge on which wines work well with certain dishes.

Do you have a particular theme? Whilst our menus are delicious, that doesn’t mean that there will always be something that screams out to your particular event, so talk to us! We are happy to arrange a meeting so you can speak to our Chefs about what it is you envisage and create something bespoke for you.

Our menus are seasonal and created around the produce that grows naturally in that season, and our produce locally sourced meaning we can keep our carbon footprint down and offer you the very best flavours.

Don’t have an event to plan your menu for? No problem! Get in touch with our Venues Team to book your next event!

Written by Hannah Robinson

Contact us on 020 7874 7020 or email

BMA House, Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9JP

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